God used a Muslim to reach Muslims for Christ!

Once one of my dearest friends told me, Gabriel, that God really works in a funny way. I asked how. He answered, God used a Muslim to reach Muslims for Christ and spread the gospel." Isn’t it funny yet interesting? 

 Is it funny? I don’t know. Interesting, for sure. I used to be an anti-Christian. And, to be very honest, so-called preachers were responsible for this. They used to come and give Bible and leave. They were acting crazy. This kind of act doesn’t really work in a Muslim country. I thought these people were crazy.

Now I am a preacher for Christ. My way of preaching Jesus is different. I make friends. I talk about God. I talk about the similarities between Jesus and both religions, and then I hit the button where we should know why Jesus is God. It makes sense, right? The moral is that you have to make friends and find your own space with the other person. No debate; pure thoughtful talks.

Life took me to another Muslim country, where I visited a coastal village. Everyone was Muslim there. My God, they were remote, backdated, and lovely. There were lots of youth to meet, and we made amazing friendships. Shared the gospel, and many people had a positive response. We bought a few Bibles and went to the village. The idea was to give it to whoever we talked to, but I never thought giving a Bible to someone would change my life.

I mean it. Growing up as a Muslim kid, I was awfully ill-informed about God, and I wanted someone to help. Nine years ago, a friend of mine gave me a Bible. I saw the smile on his face. I never thought someone would be this happy to give me something.

But now I know. We were all packed to leave, and I asked one of my friends from that village to come meet me for the last time. He said he just woke up, and we were ready to take the vehicle to leave. But he said, I am coming no matter what. I gave him a Bible and told him to read it, and I hugged him. He was looking at the book and said, “I am a Muslim." I replied, Yes, it’s Torah and Enjiel. Read it. He liked the approach.

When he left, he said, “Thanks for the book." I was stunned and had tears in my eyes. I mean, that was just too sweet, and some random sinner like me doing this godly work was such an amazing feeling. I bowed down to God and thanked him for choosing me. I shared this story with Michael Bond, and he said, They are now your disciples; take care of them.

Now, that was way too much for me. I was overwhelmed and full of joy. Am I doing something in life? Am I the chosen one? Jesus indeed chose a Muslim (ex-Muslim) to reach Muslims for him.


Life is unpredictable, like Jesus’s second coming. You never know what is happening. You can be anty Christian yesterday and pro-Christian the next day. It’s his choice. 

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